How to watch the Giro on TV


Dale Friedkin Webmaster
May 11, 2005

The first few days of the Giro d’Italia have been full of drama and controversy. Unfortunately, it is nowhere on tv except weekends. We can expect the same for the Tour de France when Lance leaves the arena. The promise of 500 cable channels has digressed to infomercials and reality tv. For those of any out of mainstream, sophisticated taste, like following Pro Cycling, the internet will increasingly be the place to go. To watch the Giro:
Sign up for the live feed at
-It costs $6; you can watch it live or a replay of any stage. The only audio is the helicopter and motorcycles. Mute that and go to for live audio. I’d prefer Ligget, Serwin and Bob Roll but the Eurosport guys are competent. In the sea of jerseys of the peloton, you could use some explication of what’s going on, especially with all the nuances of this dynamic sport. If you can’t watch it live to refer to the live report transcripts at or
Watch it on your tv by connecting the tv-out on your computers video card to your tv. If you do not have a video card that does that they can be had for $50 or even less.