Good Bike Pump To Carry In Your Jersey

If you’re like me, you’ve always thought of a bike pump as a 2+ ft tall, gangly thing that you stand on with a snake-like hose getting in the way of everything and constantly falling off your valve.

I hated pumping up tires as a kid. Can you tell?

Getting immersed in the cycling community, I found that pumps don’t have to be miserable to use. While it’s nice to have compressors for filling tires automatically, using a quality stand pump like Bontragers and Nashbars is a lot less painful than my childhood experience. Even just knowing to look for a 3-foot option instead of the supercenter specials with two feet can make a monumental difference.

But then there’s the category of mini hand pumps. Which I didn’t know was a thing until I started doing distance rides. Nothing in the world is as maddening as being 35 miles out in a century and getting a flat. If you’re in a peloton with a team riding SAG (support and gear), it won’t be that bad, but if you’re riding solo, you are pretty thoroughly stuck.

A well-packed emergency kit will include a high-powered mini pump. These aren’t the ideal to use since most of them require 200 pumps or more to get a tire to a 90psi, but it’s better than being stuck in the boondocks with expensive gear and minimal food and hydration.

The ideal mini pump will fit in the back pocket of your jersey or have a frame mount available. While most of those mounts will need a pro shop to drill holes for them, this is obviously the most comfortable way to carry. However, if you have put a lot of time and energy into getting the fastest bike around, you won’t want to be adding appendages to it, and the back of your jersey becomes a more appealing idea.

1. The Bodyguard Booster

At 7.4 inches long and 5.7 oz, this tiny little work horse comes with a mount that clips to you frame instead of needing holes drilled.

2. Vibrelli Mini – 120 PSI – One Valve Fits All

The Vibrelli Mini is dependable and inflates a lot faster than most mini-pumps out there, due to delivering that extra bit of PSI through its telescoping function that effectively doubles it.

3. The Birzman Velocity Apogee With Gauge

Less than 9 inches and under 5 ounces, this little pump has an advantage in an unexpected place with rubber grips at both ends that allow you to be more efficient with your pumping action.
It comes with an easily attached holder that bolt tightens below your hydration case.