Early Postal Team Bike

Armstrong was at the top of his game and uncatchable by the doping tests.

I, a young, impressionable, starry-eyed youth, followed his every move. And when one of the local bike shops received a US Postal Team bike on loan, I went in and ran my hand over every square inch of the bike. It was mind blowing to see just how light and cutting-edge these machines are.

Today, that same bike is quaint and antiquated.

I still grieve about the doping. I would have loved to have a clean sport and to know that my dreams were untainted. But, I can still celebrate the US Postal team for being the best at doping. I mean, it does take nerve to push your body that aggressively.

One of the key things Armstrong talks about in this flick, is their “template”. I think that is important. you need a template that shows you how to run your life so you can easily replicate and expand your success. One success becomes two. And two becomes four.

And that only happens when you take careful notes and buildĀ  a working system.